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June 2008

Innovation or Invention?

by Rick on June 26, 2008

in Leadership

I love to listen to podcast. I guess I am an admitted iPod-olic. These things are the greatest. During my workout yesterday and on a bike ride later in the day, I listened to a couple of episodes of CNBC’s series “The Business of Innovation”. Maria Bartiromo and the CNBC crew did a wonderful job […]

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Get Smart

by Rick on June 25, 2008

in Fun

Teresa and I saw ‘Get Smart’ last night. If you remember the orginal series you will enjoy the 2008 version. Steve Carell & Anne Hathaway (Max and 99) do a wonderful job. No, it is not serious but it is funny and entertaining. I do not usually go for ‘nonsense’ movies, but I recommend this one! […]

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Last night we decided to go to our local Cold Stone Cremery. I must admit that I caved in and had a ‘Oreo Overload’. Amazing treat. It would have been less expensive to pick up some ice cream and eat at home but I was in need of an experience, not just ice cream. When […]

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