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July 2008

Over my career, I have worked on a number of project teams and managed many project from concept to customer. I have observed even more projects from the seat of a stakeholder and manager. At some point, I will share a number of keys to successful project management. Today, I want to share a video […]

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Today I watched another video from the 2008 TED conference. We are fortunate to live in a time of amazing technological advances. Innovation can change lives as is the case of Dan Ellsey. Watch this video and be prepared to be amazed.

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ScribeFire … very cool

by Rick on July 5, 2008

in Tools

Earlier today I was trying to catch up on my reading. In the post, “Can You Build A Business On Browser Extensions?“, Fred Wilson (‘A VC’) discussed how companies are creating innovative business opportunities through browser extensions. Often these companies offer a host of other services. They use the add-on’s and extensions to attract users. […]

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Are you interested in a little insight into the future of online video games and how game developers are likely to ‘go to market’? Check out the Economist article, “Asian invasion”. I am not a big video game player (my sons always handled that task), but stories like this intrigue me. This is just one […]

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Breaking News

by Rick on July 2, 2008

in Fun

I saw this on Keith Ferrazzi’s ‘Never Eat Alone’ Blog … Thanks Keith. (Update: The video may not show up on some aggregator so you may have to go to my blog or view it here.

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