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January 2013

Whats with Skeuomorphism?

by Rick on January 29, 2013

in Design

This may be the best article I have seen on Skeuomorphism, and it contains great links too.  Are we about to see a ‘skeuomorphic-free, all-aluminium iOS 7?’ You ask, ‘what is Skeuomorphism?’ It sounds like a life threatening disease. To be honest, I think the tech community has gone overboard on this. Rene Ritchie of […]

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The Perfect Map?

by Rick on January 24, 2013

in Mobile

I saw this thought provoking Fast Company headline today: “Google, Apple, Nokia and the quest for the perfect map.”  An interesting read. The idea of a perfect map: That’s a lofty goal. This paragraph is especially interesting to me: “The fight means that the world is now better mapped than at any time in the history […]

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Where Is The Innovation

by Rick on January 22, 2013

in Innovation

I often see blog post or news releases for a new product. Most of them leave me feeling empty, wondering when some company or individual will deliver on real innovation. Come on people, can’t we do more than just copy the leader? For example, I saw this post on Mashable. Here is the video: A […]

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