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February 2013

Never Settle

by Rick on February 22, 2013

in Motivation

There are a few books and speeches that have had an impacted my life. Sometimes, when I am listen, words come back to my mind and help me with current issues or concerns. The following is an excerpt from the Commencement Address given on June 14, 2005 by Steve Jobs. The entire talk is short, […]

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Sony and the PS4 Event …

by Rick on February 21, 2013

in Geek stuff

I have seen a lot of tweets about the Sony PS4 event. My favorite was by Chris Breen (@BodyofBreen): Apple: Here’s the iProduct, it will ship next week and cost $X. Microsoft: Here’s an Apple-like product. Someday. Sony: [noisy crickets] That’s funny, and sad. In reality, the console sounds great. Not sure who at Sony […]

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