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I have been accused of being an Apple Fanboy.  I  admit to owning a number of ‘i-things’, but nothing like this: 25 Signs That You Might Be An Apple Fanboy.  I do not have an Apple tattoo, no Mac-couch, or any of the items on this list. I am guilty of enjoying Apple products.  What […]

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How The Mighty Fall

by Rick on January 31, 2010

in Marketing 101

Maybe that is a bit strong, but could Toyota’s recall of 2.3 million vehicles be an indicator of bigger internal problem. If you think this is the first sign of trouble, check out this comment in the WSJ: […] Toyota recalled 2.3 million vehicles in the U.S. affected by the accelerator assembly problem. That was […]

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Check out this video. I was told that Microsoft paid the development cost for internal use. I am not sure this is true .. it does not really matter. There is a lesson here for everyone. I remember when I purchased my first iPod. I was so impressed by not just the device, but the […]

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