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Do You Remember When?

by Rick on February 8, 2010

in Geek stuff,Innovation

Do you remember this Compaq Portable Computer? The term ‘portable’ may not have been the best description for the thing. It weighted near 30 pounds. It was a computer in a suit-case.  The one in the picture used 5.25″ floppy disk, an had a built in 9″ monitor (‘green’ monochrome, not color).  The one I […]

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I enjoyed this video of Steve Wozniak discussing the future of computing. (Source: Fast Company) Recall that ‘Woz’ was the co-founder of Apple and the designer of the Apple II, one of the most successful ‘mass producted’ computers of all time. He still knows a bit about computers and technology! Here it is, take a […]

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E-Readers everywhere …

by Rick on January 14, 2010

in Geek stuff

About a year ago I purchased an Amazon Kindle.  On a previous flight, I observed one being used, and then a friend purchased one and gave me a ‘demo’. I was impressed with the features of this device. I instantly saw an opprotunity to make traveling a slightly different experience. I love to read and […]

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