Let's keep this simple. Rick Cartwright keeps busy, but is not too busy to get to know you. He is recently retired from Henny Penny in Eaton, Ohio.  He spent most of his career as an Electrical Engineer at Hobart Corporation (an ITW business), where he designed hardware and software (his real passion). He still finds that creating new 'stuff', and then shipping that 'stuff', gets him super excited. In the end, he is still trying to make small dent in the universe.

Rick is involved with New Media Dayton (#NMDayton). New Media Dayton's mission is to provide local businesses and the community with a forum to learn, share and engage. #NMDayton provides a setting where ideas are shared, and everyone can learn to better use online marketing, communications, social media tools and methods. Rick is excited about the potential for #NMDayton, and for Dayton, Ohio!

Contact Rick .. I would like to know what you are doing to put a dent in the universe!


"It's kind of fun to do the impossible" ~ Walt Disney