Nanorimo 2017 .. a novel?

I have been wanting to write a book about the Scrum process for the last two years. Let me clarify:  I’m not considering a manual on how to impliement the agile software development process! That has been written about extensively. I would like to write about how to use Scrum for new product development for non-software products. I would like to address the change in mindsets required for Scrum vs Waterfall, as well as some of the hurdles for the culture in most organizations. I would also discuss resource and training issues, and so forth. 


National Novel Wirting Month (Nanorimo) is a “fun, seat of your paints approach to creative writing.” ( This is not a typical ‘novel’, but the process is what I want to use.  I plan to do this in November, just as the website describes. Basically, 50,000 words in 30 days. I am not sure my book is a 50,000 word book, but I’ll start there. Wish me luck, and drop be a line if you have any ideas or input. 

Yes, I learned to type on a real typewriter. I am not going to write this or any novel on one. I will write the entire book on my iPad. I will post more about the tools I will be using soon. Check back often!  

 ~ Rick