Phone 11 Plus Dark Mode: A Quick Test

I have a new iPhone 11 Pro, and I wanted to try some night photography to see how this new camera preforms. We are in Hawaii, so a photo over the Pacific Ocean seemed perfect. It was pitch dark and from the deck, all I could see as a couple distant boat lights. The clouds kept the moon hidden from my view. So, does this camera live up to all the hype?

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A Bag of Pills?

I attend a very small high school in a small, Midwest town. In our little town there was a doctor that was very old school. When you went to see him, regardless of the problem, you walked out with bag of pills.

I always thought those pills were just sugar. It was not uncommon to get a shot too, but that was reserved for the more complex issues. One of those shots seems to have made me immune to Poison ivy. That is a different story.

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Overcoming The Blank Page

While I was in the gym this morning, I listened to a recent podcast episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman. In this episode, she interviewed David Lee Roth. She asked him about his strategies for avoiding the ‘blank page’. He said that he was successful at avoiding the blank page by using ‘banking’.

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