Phone 11 Plus Dark Mode: A Quick Test

I have a new iPhone 11 Pro, and I wanted to try some night photography to see how this new camera preforms. We are in Hawaii, so a photo over the Pacific Ocean seemed perfect. It was pitch dark and from the deck, all I could see as a couple distant boat lights. The clouds kept the moon hidden from my view. So, does this camera live up to all the hype?

The first photo was taken using the new dark mode. The camera recommend a 3 second exposure, but I set it to 10 seconds. I did this without my tripod. I realize that the exposure time is not what the camera system is really doing, but I love the outcome. It’s not perfect, but wow!


The second photo is with dark mode turned off. I took this to get a comparison to the prior iterating of the iPhone camera. I didn’t bring an older iPhone with me, but the contrast is amazing, and epxected.


I did crop those to 9:16, but no other edits were done.

Lastly, this photo was taken at sunset. It was cloudy but it still was beautiful.

I did slightly enhance this image to bring out the colors of the sunset.


I will be testing this new phone, and the new camera this week. More to follow.

~ Rick

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