What do you do with your Watch?

How do you use your Apple Watch? I saw these interesting survey results of Apple Watch users. Here are the results (read the full article for all the details).


I don’t shower or swim with my watch on, but I do use it for most everything on this list. A few observations about how I use mine:

  • I have turned off email notifications, except those from VIPs.

  • I love looking at my watch to see if its going to rain while I am taking a long hike.

  • Since retiring, I don’t have many calendar events, but I did keep that complication, just to make sure I don’t miss something important.

  • Monitoring my activity is higher on the list for me. This is really important to me since my episode with prostate cancer.

  • I decline phone calls all the time. I didn’t know this was a thing.

  • I absolute love going for a walk or a hike with the watch while listening to my AirPods, and leaving my phone at home. #LivingInTheFuture.

  • I am still getting too many notifications ... but I sure ❤️ my Watch.

So, how do you use your Apple Watch?

~ Rick

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