So what is this retirement stuff anyway? I formally retired on December 31, 2017. Retirement is interesting, and I love the pace of my new life. It is a big change, but I am enjoying it. My stress levels are way down, and I am excited for every day. 

I get up early, but not as early as I have been for many years.  In my previous life, I was up at 3:00a to 3:30a every day. That is the past. I never set an alarm, and still wake up betwee 4:30 and 6:00a. I go to bed by 9:00p .. maybe that will change. I just let my body decide based on what is happening in life.  

On a typical day, I start in the gym, then I have a good breakfast, while I catch up on my RSS feed, and any important emails, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so forth.  I try to spend some time every day writing. I really would like to contribute to a tech site, but for now, I’m posting photos every day, and writing what I can.  

When the weather is right, I like to take photos early in the morning. Some days I will head out right after breakfast, just me and my camera. Sometimes Teresa comes along. Nature is very relaxing and seems to like my camera. I guess my camera loves nature, and I know I do. 

I thought I would do more consulting, but so far all I have done is some work for a local historical museum, and my normal board responsibilities for a local non-profit.   

I am often asked what I plan to do next. I don’t know what the future holds. My top priority is staying healthy. In the next few days, I have a follow up with the surgeon that saved my life from the jaws of prostate cancer. I feel good, and I’m exercising daily. 


My second focus is on photography. I am going to sell some of my photos at an event in Sidney on June 30. I am still working on an ebook format for some of my photography. I need to get this moving better, but I am not feeling any pressure to rush. I am trying to enjoy the moments that life is afforded me. 

Third, I want to spend some time on app development. I don’t have much to say about this yet. I spend a big part of my career writing code, and still enjoy the process. I want to bring some of that back into my life now. 

Writing: as I wrote above, I am trying to spend more time writing. I love the process of expressing thoughts, telling stores, and sharing. I don’t know what that looks like yet. I write daily on my photo blog, Tales through Photos, and here. This blog needs to be reinvented. This will lead somewhere, but I don’t know where yet.  

Lastly, I am still open to some consulting. I an an innovator and creator at heart. I enjoy working with teams to build new tech. I am starting to reconnect and would love to do something that is not a job, but allows me to enjoy this passion. Financially, I don’t need to work, but I would enjoy more travel, and more gadgets. I need to fund that outside of my normal expenses. That said, the real reason for any consulting is to do what I love with teams that share the same passion to create. 

I guess I wrote this post for me .. just to write it for clarity and focus. Enjoy the day, and be your best!  

 ~ Rick

The love of my life: My family 2016 (Missing: Grant, 2018 and new baby, late 2018). 

The love of my life: My family 2016 (Missing: Grant, 2018 and new baby, late 2018). 

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