Why I ordered a new Watch

I love my Apple Watch. I have a series 3, and use it throughout an average day. I use it to connect to friends, to improve my health, to monitor various social media apps, and of course, to tell time.

I remember how excited I was about the addition of LTE. I use LTE less than I expected, but that is because I tend to always have my iPhone with me. I am always wanting to take a photo .. and another photo. When I have been able to separate myself from my iPhone, it’s glorious.

I was mowing the lawn yesterday, while streaming music on my watch to my wirelsss headphones .. simply wonderful. One of the tunes to come up was one of my all time favorite tunes (Lynyrd Skynyrd baby!!).  music knows me well.

If the series 3 watch is so great, why did I just order the new Series 4? Primarily for the new display. The edge to edge screen allows for so much more information to be viewed in more complications. Check out the example below (image from Apple.com). I like a very clean interface most of the time, but in the end, I am alwasy looking for information that is on a different screen or in an app. This screen, coupled with siri shortcuts should really make life more efficient.


I am also excited about the new heart health features. I am getting older, and the ability to get an ECG on my wrist is more important to me than in the past. I also like the ‘fall detection’ feature. WatchOS 5 added many other new health features, but I had access to those on my Series 4.

I will have to post an update after I get the new watch next week. For now, I will continue to enjoy my current watch.

Have a good day!

~ Rick

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Rick Cartwright