Big Day for 'Gadgetdom' ... A Lesson In PR and Marketing

Tomorrow is the 'big day', at least for gadget lovers, and especially for Apple fans. So many, me included, will be monitoring twitter or watching via the web (unfortunately I have a meeting and will have to disconnect early). Yes, rumors are that this will be some sort of tablet or slate.  

Regardless of what is introduced, look at the strategy Apple employed. For a small investment, they have totally captivated the market for four weeks and dominated tech news. I am sure this was not an accident - it has been a display of brilliant marketing. The timing was impeccable. Recall that just prior to CES, word 'hits' the street of an Apple event in late January. You know the rest of the story, at least you to this point. 

For me, tomorrow is as much about what is said and how they deliver the product. It will be interesting!

(Fox News report)