Charity in need of your help

To my friends that live in Troy, Ohio:

I need your help. Actually, I would like to request $5.00.

I am on the board of for the United Way of Troy and we are facing a challenge to meet our goal of raising $785,000. I am asking 200 of my friends and contacts to donate only $5.00 in hopes of raising $1000 for the United Way of Troy. All the money raised by the United Way of Troy stays in Troy, Ohio.

The United Way of Troy funds many of the social services in Troy that are literally a lifeline for many of our neighbors. (see for a complete list of agencies that are funded by the United Way of Troy.).

One amazing agency the United Way of Troy funds is the St. Patrick's Soup Kitchen. Few people are more grateful for your donation than Dick Steineman, Director of the St. Patrick's Soup Kitchen. The soup kitchen is serving over 2,400 meals a month right now! That is up from 1,600 meals a month this time last year.

Partners in Hope, also funded by the United Way of Troy, provides financial assistance to families in crisis (among other services). The need is so great this year that they requested (and received) an emergency grant for $4,000. They were literally running out of money to help families in need. Partners in Hope can provide assistance to help pay an electric bill, a heat bill, or to help with rent for someone facing eviction from their apartment.

So, let me change my initial request. I'm not asking you to donate $5.00. I'm asking you to donate a plate of food that Dick Steineman can serve to someone that is hungry. I am asking you to help keep the heat on for a family facing a cold December night.

Finally, I am asking you to please forward information to everyone you know. Ask them to help. Our small donations combined can feed and help thousands of families right here in Troy facing challenges we all pray we never have to face.

Go to to give online, or mail a check payable to The United Way of Troy, Ohio, PO Box 36, Troy, Ohio 45373.


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