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I spoke to a group on Wednesday evening on the subject of 'Time Management'.  I used Keynote on my Mac (I love Keynote).  Just before the presentation was set to begin, I broke one of my personal rules and decided to check out ('experiment') with an iPhone app.  What does that have to do with the presentation? The app that I decided to checkout was Keynote Remote.  I already have a remote that I use for presentations. It connects via USB and does a great job. I decided to check it out anyway. What a peasant surprise.
Screen View
This is a great applications. Some of the key features:

- Swipe to advance slides (forward or backwards)
- View presenter notes can be displayed on the iPhone
- Landscape or portrait view (not perfect, but it works)

You need to be connected to WIFI to use it, but it is great. (See the link below for other options). 

The app cost 99 cents, but it was well worth the investment. I recommend you read some of the reviews that have been posted on iTunes. I have only used it for a few days, but so far, I plan to continue using it. Now I am checking out similar apps for PowerPoint. Any suggestions?


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