Moving On .. Bringing Back The Passion

2013 I have accepted a position at Henny Penny, and have resigned from my role at ITW. To many this may be a surprised. I have been employed at ITW (Hobart) for nearly 35 years. Why now?

Simply put, I needed a change. I have worked with great people at ITW. They are amazing! I worked on a very cool project. That said, I need to rekindle the fire that burned out some time ago. My new position will allow me to focus on where my interest and my daily work intersect with my passion. I am very excited to get started! This is not about money or title. Its not about people or conflicts. Its about happiness, passion and the chance to have fun.

I am not moving, and plan to keep involved in many of the same activities that I engage in now. I wish my friends and fellow employees at ITW the best. I am very excited to meet a new team, and get engaged at Henny Penny.