No Politics, Just Social Media:)

OK, I am not going to blog about politics. I did find this blog post interesting: Atwitter in Mass.: Brown’s Social Media Strategy Tops Coakley’s. It looks like Scott Brown took a page right out of President Obama's campaign play book. 

Here is the data from the article:

Facebook Posts since Jan. 1: Brown (128), Coakley (58)

Facebook Fans: Brown (70,800), Coakley (13,529)

Tweets since Jan. 1: Brown (142), Coakley (144)

Twitter Followers: Brown (9,679), Coakley (3,385)

YouTube Videos: Brown (57), Coakley (52)

YouTube Video Views: Brown (578,271), Coakley (51,173)

Again, no politics, I just find the numbers provide a lesson in how social media can shape politics.


social mediaRick Cartwright