Whats with Skeuomorphism?

This may be the best article I have seen on Skeuomorphism, and it contains great links too.  Are we about to see a 'skeuomorphic-free, all-aluminium iOS 7?' You ask, 'what is Skeuomorphism?' It sounds like a life threatening disease. To be honest, I think the tech community has gone overboard on this. Rene Ritchie of iMore.com did a great job with this article

Personally I think we needs some level of skeumorphism. Without it, we loose context ... we like the familiar. In the examples given here, the silver is bland. I don't like a lot of stitching, and complex representations, but 'some' of  that really helps the user experience.  

For the record, I think Rene is one of the best tech writers on iOS, mobile and related topics!