World Innovation Forum 2010

I was fortunate this week to attend the World Innovation Forum in New York City. What an amazing experience. The speakers were great and the people I met were all so inspiring. Over the next few days I will share a few of my take-aways. Here is an outline fo the three days. I have so many things I want to write about. Monday: The day before the event, I attended afield trip to Pfizer and Virgin US. The trip was let by !WhatIF!. It was interesting to observe the contrast between Pfizer and Virgin. The culture and their approach to innovation was so different. The folks at ?WhatIF! did a great job and provided some wonderful, thought provoking insights.

Tuesday: Speakers included Michael Porter,Andreas Weigend, Chip Heith, Buz Stone (co-founder of Twitter), and others. Chip Heith is a great speaker!

Wednesday: Seth Godin, Robert Burnner and others. I cannot say enough about Seth Godin. He also joined us for Lunch. This was a much smaller group and provided an opportunity for great insights.

It was amazing to hear from these great speakers and to compare notes with people in other industries. More to follow.