Siri ...

So much has been written about Siri, and even more has been said. I listen to a lot of podcast, and tech pundants talk frequently about their experience with Siri. Generally speaking, it works great for me. I have been experiencing some issues with my AirPods recently, but I think that is a hardware issue.

What I wanted to mention here is some changes I am noticing with iOS11. I have the beta installed on my iPad, and my iPhone 7. I still have iOS 10 installed on the iPhone 6s I use for work. When I have Siri read to me on iOS 10, the voice is very generic. There is not much inflection in the voice. That has change in the recent beta. It sounds ‘smart’ .. more inflection, with tonal changes and more natural. 

Read this article from Apple, and then near the bottom of the page, they have samples ... listen to them and see what you think.  

Deep Learning for Siri’s Voice ..  

Rick Cartwright