HomePod .. A Month Later

Like a good apple fan boy, I purchased a HomePod when they were available last month. I had a gift certificate to burn, so on January 26, I pulled the trigger. Two weeks later, the HomePod arrived.

The package is classic apple: you pull a small tab, and the box opens. The HomePod is not heavy, it just feels ‘significant’. My guess is the large magnet used for the woofer adds significant mass. Mine is white, and I love how it looks, but even more .. I love how it sounds. 

Since many articles have talked about the setup process, I am not going to write about that. Let’s just say the setup was  easy!

The Music .. Heaven, or just ‘rock on’

Not long after setting up the HomePod, two of my granddaughters came over. What I didn’t expect was the game that they played. They quickly learned that they could ask Siri to play any and all of their favorite music, and the would switch it as fast as they could say it. Some of their choices didn’t fit with my music taste, but it was a lot of fun. 

My favorites are all from the 70s. I listed to Pink Floyd, some old Rolling Stones, Elton John, Aerosmith, and on and on. The music has been amazing. Unlike others, I find the bass to be perfect. I am not noticing any issues in the midrange either. It’s just heaven! Apple Music has over 45 million songs in the library, and I’m trying to listen to all of them, or so it seems. 

Siri who?

The tech press spends way to much time complaining about Siri. No, it’s not perfect. I don’t think any of the voice assistants have become perfect yet. With that said, I think Siri on the HomePod is the best version in many ways. The microphones are amazing. I can have the music at near 100%, and then utter, “Hey Siri”, and it will respond. Since it’s a music device, I tend to ask questions or make requests that related to music and the results have been excellent.

It is true that it only tracks one timer. That seems to be the biggest criticism. I am sure more timers will follow, but it works, and Siri has been near perfect for my use.

Who is it for?

So, who should buy a HomePod? I recommend it for anyone that is deep in the Apple Ecosystem. Someone that loves Apple Music. You need to have an iPhone or iPad to set it up. It is best for someone that loves music, and listens to it in their home.

I want a second one ..

Not for Sterero, but for use in a different room. I want one in the dinning room. Heck, I would like to have one in the bedroom. I guess I could use two more. The one downside to this: it’s expensive, at least compared to other smart speakers.

So that’s my thoughts on HomePod. Email or Tweet at me of you have questions. I am @RickCartwright on Twitter.

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