Robots In The Kitchen

This brings to mind all kinds of images. Automation is the future of the commercial kitchen, but it’s not what this title implies.



The following excerpt is form a recent article from

Whether it’s the Pazzi, Flippy or Cafe X, the food robots we often write about are articulating arms that swing about to prepare and serve up food. But there are a lot of existing restaurants where that form factor wouldn’t really work given the space and how the food is served. Think of fast casual establishments like Chipotle or Subway, where the food is prepared and sitting in bins behind a glass counter, and you walk down the line telling an employee what to include and to omit. Gourmeon Developing Robot for Chipotle-Style Restaurants

Automation has a place in the commercial kitchen. I don’t believe this is as much about reducing labor cost as it is about improving efficiencies. Big chains need to get more output from the kitchen (throughput) with less square footage. If you want to read the tea leaves, just study emerging markets and population trends. Automation is not just something cool .. it will be necessary to compete.

This is an exciting time. In the near future, I will write about this in more.

~ Rick

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