A Short Update

If your are new to this blog, you may not have read my cancer story.  On September 21, 2017, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. You can read my prostate cancer story [here](https://www.rickcartwright.com/blog/2017/12/9/iosa9n5d6xd5cx70j9yx1fccl8qqqy).   

Since my surgery, I have had serveral PSA test to check and make sure the cancer has not returned. I have done really well, and after a year, the doctor at Ohio State, where I was treated, told me I only need an annual PSA test now. I can’t do that. While I respect that, I am still concerned about the risk of a reoccurrence. Since my family doctor has me do a blood test twice a year, I asked him to include the PSA results in that panel. He agreed, and so that is the plan, for now.

I had a blood test on Monday. The results are in, and they are good.  When they give you a ‘less than’ indication on your results, it means the equipment cannot measure that low. The bottom line, it’s undectable. 

I stil get nervous when I have this test done. As I have mentioned before, two of my uncles had prostate cancer, and it took the life of one of them. I have seen it take many life’s, much like other forms of cancer. 

So, here is the short version of the results (below). I am pleased. Next test .. 6 months out. Have a great day.  

 ~ Rick



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