What’s Up With 3D Printing

We have been hearing about 3D printing for some time. The technology has been in the press for years, and real world applications continue to capture my attention. Last week, Allison Sheridan (Podfeet) had a discussion with Donald Burr about his experiences with 3D printers. This is her intro to that episode:

After a hiatus that was far too long, we’re joined this week on Chit Chat Across the Pond by Donald Burr. Even if you don’t think you’d ever want a 3D printer, I guarantee that you’ll enjoy hearing Donald explain the different models of 3D printers, how you can actually buy one now for far less than you think, and how you can actually build one from a kit. In his wonderfully humorous way, he teaches how not to do it, and how to fix the mistakes you make along the way. I smiled throughout this entire conversation. Donald wrote up every single thing he talks about for the show notes so there’s lots of link goodness for everything.

This is worth your time, so give it your ear: CCAP #582 - Donald Burr on 3D printers

While we are talking about 3D printing, some of the applicants just blow me away, but my hat is off to the Vatican’s Swiss Guard. They have found a rather unique aplication for 3D printing. Check out the Verge report here.. Very cool.

(Yes, that was an intentional pun)

~ Rick

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