Vinyl Lives On

Teresa and I were riding to a Mac user group meeting and she was reminiscing how she use to buy 45’s ... Yes, vinyl records. My grandchildren have never seen a vinyl record, and certainly have not experienced listening to one (I have to fix that).

Back to reminiscing: Early the next morning in the gym, I see this great article in my RSS feed from Ars Technica that I had to share.

For starters, here is a quote from the article:

Steven Beeber, the vinyl aficionado and author of The Heebie-Jeebies at CBGB's: A Secret History of Jewish Punk, summed up the appeal of records this way: "As with so many things, the Luddites were right. The old ways were better. Vinyl has a richness and depth that digital media lacks, a warmth, if you will. And hell, even if it didn't, it sure looks cool spinning on the table, and you've got to treat it with kindness to make it play right, so it's more human too. As in our love lives, if you want to feel the warmth, you've got to show you care."

This article is a great read, so here is a link:

Why vinyl records survive in the digital age

Have a great week.

~ Rick

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