AR at the Movies


Teresa and I went to the local Movie theater a couple weeks ago to see a show. I’m not going to talk about the movie, but I wanted to share an AR experience.

At one point before they started rolling the trailers, an image came up on the screen, and a countdown timer. The instructions on the screen said a AR game was about to begin. Well, I had to try it out, so I quickly downloaded the app. (You can find it on the App Store).

The second photo is of me, playing the game (well, my iPhone). It has some issues. It takes a long time to connect with the server, but once you are connected, it works well enough. It loads slow, so you have to be ready as soon as the notification for the game shows up on the screen.

I’m not sure many people will play it, and you only get a few games. I’d be interesed in hearing about other peoples experience.


Go see a movie:)

~ Rick

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