If I Had Known

I have written about my fathers cancer in the past. I have also written about my own battle with prostate cancer. Dad had a massive tumor in his brain, and it took his life very quickly. I was blessed to find my cancer early and survive.

Since then, I have learned so much about cancer, and how Keto (the diet) has been used to prolong life, or even heal cancer. Here is a podcast that I listened to today. I highly recommend listening to the interview. After that, I include a video that is just amazing and thought provoking. I only wish I had known then what I know today. I am on keto for health reasons, but in the back of my mind, starving any cancers that may be trying to get a start is on my mind.

A quick aside: I switched to keto 10 weeks ago, or so. I am down 30 lbs. That is nice, but what is even better is that I have gotten off blood pressure meds (still evaluating the outcomes of that, but looking good so far). The constant pain and swelling in my knees is gone. I feel so much better. Dad had many of the same symptoms that I experience .. again, I wish I had known then, but its not too late to act for myself and those I can share this with.

Cancer Treatments May Be Harding You .. 2 Keto Dudes podcast

If you search YouTube you can find more of Alison’s story, and others like her. I love Logan’s Story as well. It’s kind of amazing.

~ Rick

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