Did Your Smart Phone Work at CES?

I have read reports and heard from friends that users of iPhones attending CES experienced problems accessing email and other data services during the show in Las Vegas. I wish I had access to information on the volume of data traffic for various providers in the Vegas area during the show.  Given the density of 'tech types' in such a small area, it had to be intense.

Clearly AT&T has a challenge, but I tend to think the issue will spread to other providers as the use of data-hungry devices increases for all providers.  As an example, we do know that when T-Mobile released the G1 last fall, they attempted to cap data usage, but since backed down. Watch for more on this in the coming months. We will likely see network issues due to heavy data demand and news of significant spending on new, beefed up infrastructure. I don't think this will be just an AT&T phenomenon, although their competition would like to color it that way.