More on the TSA and Privacy

In a December 30, 2009 blog entry, I shared a few thoughts regarding TSA effort to implement full-body scans at airport security at major US airports. Recall that the TSA claimed to protect privacy and that the images cannot be stored. There are a number of other claims, refer back to the blog entry and the links to read more background details.

I just read an interesting article in the Industry Standard that was pointed out by @VentureOutlook (Mark Bailey). The title of this article says it all: "Documents refute TSA privacy claims on body scanners, group says".  According to a 'leading privacy advocacy group, many of the TSA privacy claims are not accurate and there are privacy concerns. I am not surprised. These devices, contrary to earlier reports, have means to store images. No that my image has any value, but you can imagine where this could go. Additional, these systems are built on Windows XP.  That leaves a few more questions about security. I could go on ... I recommend you read the article. It's very interesting.