Technology and your Privacy?

Remember the scene in True Lies (1994) where Arnold walks behind the 'screen' and you see his skeletal image? Well, welcome to True Lies, 2009. I read an article in a Fast Company blog today titled "Full-body Scanners at Airports: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". It included a few sample full-body images, include these: 

I am not sure where to start. Given how much I travel, I know my body is about to be viewed by male and female TSA agents everywhere, and very soon. And the 'viewing' will be in MUCH greater detail than I care to think about. It is not like the scanners are new. In fact, a June 2006 report in USA Today discussed 10 airports (including Dallas, Las Vegas, NY Kennedy and others), that installed 38 units. To date I have never been through one. I have been in airports that have them, but I have avoided the scan! Well, after the Detroit event, airports everywhere are about to install the technology.  Reports earlier today indicate that even Nigeria plans to install this technology. (No, I don't plan to visit Nigeria). 

By now you realize that I am not too excited about about this opportunity. I am even less excited when I think about other family members being scanned. Yes, I would prefer knowing they are safe, but I am still not comfortable with this invasion of privacy. The price of 'safety' continue to go up, and I am not sure we are lowering the risk.  

Applied properly, I believe we can use a mix of technology to improve security. I think we can do it as a lower cost to privacy, but that's my opinion at this point. Watch the news as there will be a great deal of discussion regarding this issue in the next few weeks and months.

So, what are your thoughts?