Innovation for the business model?

Are you interested in a little insight into the future of online video games and how game developers are likely to ‘go to market’? Check out the Economist article, “Asian invasion”. I am not a big video game player (my sons always handled that task), but stories like this intrigue me. This is just one of several business models that are redefining business today. Many of these new business models take advantage of the Internet and allow businesses to reposition themselves in the value chain. This often creates significant disruption to well established and much larger companies.

You don’t have to look far to find examples. Just think about it … I am sure you can think of many examples. I am particularly intrigued by models such as ‘Software as Service’ and other subscription models

Great leaders have open minds and vision to recognize the threat but the insight to leverage these wonderful opportunities. How will these new business models impact your business?