My Favorite iOS Photo Apps

width=335I am often asked about my favorite photo apps for iOS. It is actually very dynamic, but I though I would create a list of my top picks today. 
1. iOS 'Photos': Yes, the stock photo app is amazing in iOS8. If you have not done it, I would install iOS8 right away. This update brings  powerful editing to the Photos app, and with extensiblity, you can also use other amazing apps, without exiting Photos. 
2. Camera+: This app is not only a great tool for editing photos, it has a powerful built in Camera. It includes a lightbox, various filters, and more amazing tools. I have used it for a long time, and it is truely one of my favorites. 
Camera+ for iPhone by tap tap tap. There is also an iPad version: Camera+ for iPad.
If you are using the older version of Camera+, check out Jack Hollingsworth's preview
3. Handy Photo: an extremely powerful photo editing app. You can remove objects, move objects, apply filters and so much more. There is a free and paid version. 
Handy Photo - Mobile photo editing suite by Adva-Soft
 4. layrs: using a mobile device does not mean you have to sacrifice layers. A great app! I love how this works. 
layrs by Artware, Inc.
5. Snapseed:I have used this less since they were acquired by Google, but it's a great app for tweaking a photo.  Snapseed by Google, Inc.

I could go on for a long time .. I have 88 photo apps on my iPhone. These 5 are my main go-to apps for photo editing. And don't forget about , iOS extensions with photos. More on that in another post. 



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