Rethinging the Design of Earbuds

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that enjoy highlighting new designs, gadgets and technology. I am especially attracted to quality 'design' work that enhances the user experience.

I don't know how these earbuds 'feel', but they sure look cool.  I have tried several bluetooth headsets, but since moving to the iPhone, I have moved back to a simple set of earbuds. I guess I have not found a headset that hits the mark for me. Battery life, voice quality ... so many trade offs. Being 'wireless' is not enough to overcome other deficiencies. 

Vestalife recently launched a new line of headphone that target women. Vestalife recogized that for women, it is not just about cool electronics and function, it is also about 'flexible fixtures, and colored, fabric-covered wires [that] make headphones look more like necklaces, earrings, and headbands ...".  See more picture sand read more about this product line in this Fast Company article

It will be interesting to follow this company and sales of these new earphones. I suspect they will do well in the targeted demographic. Heck, I like the set shown in the picture.