What is the Future of Computing?

I enjoyed this video of Steve Wozniak discussing the future of computing. (Source: Fast Company) Recall that 'Woz' was the co-founder of Apple and the designer of the Apple II, one of the most successful 'mass producted' computers of all time. He still knows a bit about computers and technology! Here it is, take a look:

What is the future of computing? I don't have any fortune cookies, but here are a few interesting trends that we should watch closely. This is my 'short' list:
Mobile Computing: I know, this is not a news flash. There is a major move to mobile computing. Devices such as smart phones are pushing the envelop and more and more data is shared and processed on mobile platforms. 

Technology Convergence: For several years we have seen a convergence of media, telephony, internet ... I am not sure where it goes next, but you can expect to see this continue. Today I can watch news 'broadcast' on the internet, use social media to share pictures and video, and so much more. This trend will continue and expand.

Continued, or Accelerated Miniaturization: Chips continue to shrink as the density of transistors grows ... we are not done with Moore's law. There will be new technologies ... this will lead to amazing computing power in even smaller packages with longer battery life (or some alternate power source.

Smart Devices: Robots have been around for a while. We now see 'smart devices' in our cars, homes and in new roles at work. We will see an expanded role of 'smart devices' in many roles.

I did not even begin to address technology advances in bio-medical, energy and other technologies .. many being driving by computing. What do you see as the big trends in computing?