Technology and Energy

Remember when oil prices peaked out in 2008? Check out this chart:

Just looking at the prices in 2008 brings back all the angst of that summer. Today, prices seem to have stabilized. Credit a combination of reduced demands, driven down by the economic crisis, and a glut in supply. While I am not a global warming zealot, I think there are many strategic reasons to develop alternative energy sources. 

A good friend sent me a link to the following video. I wanted to share it because I think we are just begining to see the leading edge to significant innovation that will change the game.

If you want to get a better understand of this technology, check out this Fast Company article: "Bloom Energy Unveils Its Ultra-Secretive Bloom Box Fuel Cell." It includes a clip from 60 minutes that is worth checking out.

This is only one area of technological wonder. Bill Gates spoke at TED 2010 about the world's energy future. He talked about the need for a miracle technology (or technologies).  Check out his remarks, especially his comments about nuclear power: 

I have gone on a bit long here .... but the point is this: The world is about to see significant advances in alternative energy technology. This is a good time to be an entrepreneur. Keep watching the news - should be a great ride.