The brand experience ... where is the passion

Overload Last night we decided to go to our local Cold Stone Cremery. I must admit that I caved in and had a 'Oreo Overload'. Amazing treat. It would have been less expensive to pick up some ice cream and eat at home but I was in need of an experience, not just ice cream.

When I visit retail establishments I tend to notice the ‘little’ things. How is the customer service? How well do they merchandise and cross sell? Does the quality of service and the product meet the brand promise? I especially notice the people. (You would think I could just enjoy it but I tend to analysis all the time).

When you go to Cold Stone, you expect a certain experience. You pay a premium for that experience - the entire experience. It is more than just the ice cream (I guess it is the same for Starbucks but I do not drink coffee). The ice cream was wonderful, and the environment much like I have found in the past but the service was disappointing. There just did not seem to be any passion to offer the normal experience. I will still go back:).