You are so creative ...

Have you ever said this to someone? Perhaps you ask yourself how you can become more creative?

While some may argue the point, I believe creativity can be learned. Further, I do not think there are age, gender or other limitations. Like other aspects of life, we tend to limit ourselves! By applying a few basic habits and practices, you can become more creative!

So where to you start? Here is a very basic idea that I find is really helpful: Welcome new and varied experiences in to your life. Stop doing the same thing every day. Perhaps that means eating something different. It could mean lunch with someone that you do not usually hang with. Expose yourself to many different industries, people, cultures …. anything you can do to provide new and varied experiences. With the web at the tip of your fingers, it's easy to get started.

Give it a try .. broaden your base and let the creativity begin.


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