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This is one of my favorite scenes from Star Trek (the movie series). Bones is searching for this crew member when he happens on this lady that has kidney failure. He pulls this bag of pills out of his pocket and gives it to her. She is ‘gets’ a new kidney.

We know so little about the human body. I have been reading a book about food. Well, listening is more accurate since I am listening to the audio book. The author practices Functional Medicine. I never thought about it, but Food is a very powerful drug. The book is called, “Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?”. It was written by Dr Mark Hyman, M.D.. I highly I recommend this book.

The foods we eat has a big noticeable impact our health. I have modified my intake significantly for the last few weeks, and feel so much better. I was having a long of knee pain (old age). That is gone. My blood pressure continues to drop and energy levels are super high. The real test will come when I have my next blood test. More time will validate this for me personally.

I am not about to regrow a new kidney, but the body can regenerate. The right foods (and less processed junk) can help the body work as it should.

Just a thought .. check out the book.

~ Rick

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