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I have not written or talked much about it, but in early July of 2015, I had a medical event that changed my life. I was at work, and during a presentation, I started to see double. I had a headache, and felt really bad. I had symptoms earlier that day, but I ignored them. That about cost me my life. What I found when I got to the hospital was that my blood pressure was 256 / 120. It took hours to get it down to normal. I was in bad shape.

I am not going to dive into everything that was wrong with my health .. but let's just say I was not eating well, not sleeping enough, and the stress level in my life were combining to kill me. Lucky for me, I got a second chance. Perhaps this was a precursor to cancer too?

Why do I bring this up know. I wanted to share this article about sleep. A lot has been written about sleep, but this is a great article.

My doctor told me that if I wanted to live longer, one of the first things I need to fix my my sleep. I was one of those people that believed that sleep was overrated. I was lucky to sleep 6 hour a night, and usually got 5 hours. I felt that was enough. I believe it was the primary cause of many health issues in my life, and recommends sleep to everyone. Get 7 to 8 hours every night. If you can't, get help and make the necessary changes.

Here is the link: On the Health Benefits of Sleep. I shared this article on twitter yesterday, but I wanted to add my story. I hope it helps someone to become aware of this issue, and to take action.

Now, get some sleep.

~ Rick

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