Good luck?

Have you ever wished someone good luck? Perhaps you have felt lucky when you were offered a job, or won an award. What is luck anyway?

I listened to this podcast (That Creative Life) yesterday, and one of the guest said that luck was "the intersection of hard work and patience." Wow, I have never tried to put that into words, but this resonated with me. It looks like this (my not so perfect sketch):


I often observe people that are 'waiting' for luck. They figure that if they wait for it, luck will find them. I guess you could call this patience, but I call it dreaming. Yes, the reality is that it could happen. Maybe when the stars align good fortune will follow. Perhaps it is patience, but it looks more like laziness or just misguided hopes. This kind of patience usually ends in disappointment.

Then you have the people that work really hard. They put in long hours, they spend a great deal of energy to make something happen. Along the way, they complain that they never get results. These people will burn-out, and become very frustrated.

The people that find luck are those that use both hard work and patience. They allow their efforts to work. The intersection is where 'luck' or serendipity happen. This is that magic place .. the luck you hope for is actually the results you work hard to achieve. It is alway where creative energy exist, but that is another blog post.

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One more thing .. good luck!

~ Rick

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