UBS Hub for my iPad Pro (2018)

A few months ago, I ran across this kickstart campaign for the new iPad Pro (2018). It was from HyperDrive, and since I have several of their hubs, and the price was great, I jumped in.

They billed this as, “Worlds 1st USB-C Hub for iPad Pro 2018”. My kickstarter reward arrived yesterday, and I could not be more excited. Here are a couple photos:


The kit contains an adapter that allows you to use the hub further away from the iPad, or with another device. For me, I will alwasy mount it directly to the iPad, as shown in the photo above. The mounting is well thought out, and it fits snuggly.

The Ports

The win for me is that it has several ports that I use all the time, all in one device. It includes:

  • 4K HDMI
  • 3.5mm audio jack (listed ast 35mm on one place on their web site)
  • Micro SD
  • SD
  • USB-C, Power Deliver

While the hub’s USB-C port is listed as power dieverly, I have ready several places that it can deliver data as well. The only disappoint for me is that the USB-C port is listed at power deliver, I can confirm it delivers data as well.

I use Bluetooth earbuds (AirPods) most of the time, but when I do neeed an audio jack, that brings that back to my iPad.

I am excited to have the SD card support. I usually carry the Apple dongle with me, but now I will just carry this hub.

I have not tested the 4K60 HDMI port yet, but that is on my docket of things to try. I used HDMI out frequently so this is one more dongle that I will not have to carry as a seperate adapter.

The Package

Here are the physical dimensions for the hub .. I’ll write more later after I spend a few weeks with it. For now, you can read more on their web site here.


Who’s Should Buy One .. and Alternatives

Obviously, this would work well for anyone with an IPad Pro (2018), either 11” or 12.9”. Beyond that, with the adapter that is included, this could work for any USB-C connected device. It is not cheap, but it works well. Here is a link for alternives that you can find on Amazon. I am also including a link to a separate article listing alternatives.

~ Rick

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