The Future of Podcasting

I saw that Spotify has acquired yet another podcast network. They previously announced they had acquired Gimlet Media, and this time it was Parcast. see: Spotify acquired another podcast network

You may be asking why this matters. Podcasting is a free and open way to express ideas. While Apple has a large podcast directory, they don’t own or control networks or podcasters.

Big money is knocking at the door and threaten the openness and free state of the podcast ecosystem. Someday you may be asked to pay for podcast. With the current popularity of podcasting, it is bound to happen. It may be Spotify, but there will be others.

This following article was written in 2015. Read it and think about what is happening. Big Money is Coming.

So, enjoy podcasting, but stand for it’s openness, and be aware of what is happening. Your voice will be needed. Vote with your dollars and your attention. Indie podcasters need our support to remain independent and healthy.

~ Rick

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