Retail: The Digital Experience

When do you last order something from Amazon. I ordered a spice, and when I started my search, I provided with dozens of options. Have you though much about who many choices you have when you search for a product online? It can be overwhelming.

I read this article about the importance of the digital experience today. It was taken from a talk by Kroger VP, Jody Kalmbach. You can read the full article here.

From her remarks:

She noted that at Kroger, everything is personalized, from connecting how customers shop in the store to how they use the app to what items they select when shopping online to what they're ordering to be shipped directly to their homes. What the consumers see on the website, for example, is centered on their routine shop. “Take the noise out for the customer; make what they see on your site personal and relevant to them,” Kalmbach advised.

The retailers that wins may well be the retailer that figures out how to market to consumers in this new digital age. To compete with Amazon, retailers are trying to be more like Amazon, when in reality they need to learn how to make the digital experience meet customers where they are.

Just something to think about.

~ Rick

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