New AirPods Are Here


My new AirPods arrived on Wednesday. I wanted to spend a few days with them before I commented. I think some really well done reviews have already been written, so I am going to link to two of those below. My comments will be short since I really believe this two reviews are so great.

More of The Same

Let’s start it this: Same design, same sound quality .. better chip. Yes, the design has not changed. They did use a new hinge design in the case, but other than that, and the external charging LED, the look, feel and sound the same.

The chip? Apple move from the W1 chip, to the new H1 chip. This new chip allows for some new functionality .. and better battery life.

Hey Siri

I really didn’t think this would be such a big deal. I use Hey Siri with my phone, and my HomePods all the time, but why would it be good in my ear? Well, I was wrong. The 1st time I wore them to the gym, I found myself talking to Siri to increase the volume, and to send a text message. I also used it to pause a podcast, and then to restart it. I didn’t have to tap an AirPod. Call me lazy, but that is a game changer. I can also ask Siri to read my message. I really love this new feature.

Other Noticeable Improvements

The connection speed has improved with this new chip. It’s noticeable. I always find switching to be slow on the old airpods, but this is a great improvement.

Battery life, at least talk time, has improved too. I don’t talk on the phone much, but there are people that are going to be really excited about this update.

Wireless Charging

This works. I have a few Qi chargers, and I just place the case on the charger and it charges. It’s not as fast as plugging it in to a charger, but its cool.

Should I upgrade

Should you buy a set? It depends. I upgraded because I had a set that would not hold a charge. These a small batteries, and they do wear out. I had used that set for 26 months of heavy use. If you don’t have wireless ear buds, these are worth evaluating for a purchase. If you have an older set that is starting to have battery issues, like mine, an upgrade should be in your future. That said, if you can’t make the old design work in your ears, these are not for you either.

Now for some links:

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Federico Viticci at New AirPods First Impressions: Wireless Magic

I may comment more after I have more time with them. For now, that’s my thoughts.

~ Rick

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