Under Promise and Overdeliver

Business rule #1: Overdeliver and Under Promising

I saw this video while I was doing some light cardio today. Sadly, it is very accurate. In my years in product development, I have seen this happen. Some engineer believes he or she can ‘will’ something into existence and then makes the worse mistaken in business .. he overpromises, and under deliveries.

The number one rule in business: Over deliverer and Underpromise! Ship before the promise date, come in at lower cost, or just exceed expectations. That does not mean you should sandbag every expectation! When it goes the other way, you will find ourself on the street.

Failure to do this right and it will suck. Do this one thing right, and you will be a star.

Side note: Overpromising is different than taking a well-considered risk. You can make it clear to management that you are taking a risk. Set the correct expectations!!

~ Rick

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