Pixelmator Photo is Here!


Every now and then, a new app comes along and changes one of my workflows. That is about to happen. Earlier today, Pixelmator launched a new iPad app that is designed to edit photos. I have always been a fan of this company, but I LOVE this app. I had to share it with you as soon as possible.

Here is a photo that I edited using the machine learning tools that are built into the app. You can still do all the edits manually, I am just intrigued by how well the algorithms work. I photographed this cardinal yesterday using my Nikon camera and a 600mm lens.

The bottom photo is with the suggested edits.


The only change I made was to make the second photos format as 9:16. The crop created but the machine learning as not to my liking:). The algorithms used for their machine learning for white balance and other effects are outstanding.

To learn more about this app, listen to iPad Pros, Eposode 49. Tim interviewed Andrius Gailiunas who is on the Pixelmator team. He indicated this is their solution to Pixelmator Pro for the iPad. Did I say, I am so excited.

A few things to note:

  • This is an iPad only app. There is no iPhone version.
  • It supports RAW edits for most cameras.
  • It supports non-destructive editing.
  • The Machine Learning system was trained on over 20 million professional photos. I would like to dig into that process.

I have more to say later, but I need a few hours with it to really put it through a lot of edits. For now, download it and enjoy. (Its not free, but worth the investment. I think the price now is $5.00).

~ Rick

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Every so often, a new app makes it to the iPad and results in a big change to one of my workflows. Pixelmator Photo is one such app. Launched today, this app is a major photo editing tool! Here is a before and after photo that I edited using the app.